Play Deeeepio

Deeeepio The controls are surprisingly responsive and pretty intuitive, consisting of the mouse for direction control and the 'space' key for a short burst of speed. The explanation for these controls can be found in the top left corner of the screen. One thing that could be a problem is the lack of contrast between background and text, so it might prove to be a bit hard to read some of the parts on the brighter background.
Once you start the game you have to chose a server which you will be connected to, and can pick to be one of the three aforementioned sea creatures. If you chose the fish, you will play close to the surface of the sea, while with the other two you will be playing in the depths. As mentioned before, the goal of the game is getting to the top of the leader-board by killing other players, but in order to be able to overtake your enemies you need to evolve. This is achieved by eating the little balls of light scattered through the map. Each evolution brings different and stronger abilities.
The game comes with a chat option that allows you to talk with other players if you wish to do so, however the game lacks music and sound effects, which would be a nice addition. The graphics are pretty good and the lag is almost nonexistent, which is always a plus.